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Hearts Are All The Same

Hearts Are All The Same

The single, published in 2017, is about the fact that every person is unique with  personal differences and preferences, still we are all humans, from the same race. Our hearts are all the same.
This concept is implemented in a situation of a boy liking a girl, who is totally different. The boy and girl both don't understand why they are attracted to ona another, they dont even want to be together. Still they follow they're hearts. And all our hearts all the same.



Cara Delevingne

This song had a self explanatory title. This is a song about the model and actress Cara Delevingne. This song does not only admire the person itself, but also the things she stands for. This fun pop song expressed an admiration to the skills, looks and personality of the actress and model. 

The song peaked at #24 at the 'Spotify Viral top 50 USA' for one week. 



One Call

One Call is a song about wanting to be there for someone, but not being able to physically be there. The phrase means that one person is always there for you, no matter how many miles away; all it takes is one phone call. Or text.



Home (Where I Belong)

This pop song with an accoutsic folk vibe is about the love for the place where Nick grew up. It is about the safe and peaceful feeling of being at that special place, home. This song gained attention from local radio stations around the world where the song is still being played.



10X Bigger than Love

The first solo single of Nick Zutphen: 10X Bigger Than Love. 
Inspired by the title of an unpublished Def Leppard song and a crush. The pop rock is the only single that features multiple electric guitar parts with distortion. This single introduced the melodic hooks and backings that also feature in other songs by Nick.

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